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    Business Insurance Protection

    Find options to protect you - and your employees.

    Questions? Ask a Citizen.
    Questions? Ask a Citizen.

    Protection plans for your business

    Different business goals require different insurance. We can help you evaluate your business insurance options and choose the policy that addresses your needs. Even if you’re already insured, remember: Needs can change, and getting an objective second look at your current insurance can help ensure your business is properly protected.

    Key Business Insurance

    A Citizens Investment Services Financial Advisor can help you determine which business insurance protection is appropriate for your business.

    Key Person Life Insurance

    Key Person Life Insurance helps cover financial losses in the event of a loss of a key person such as a business owner, partner, or majority stakeholder.

    Business Overhead Protection

    Business Overhead Protection insurance is designed to reimburse a business for overhead expenses in the event an owner becomes disabled — in order to keep the business afloat until he or she recovers.

    Long-Term Care Insurance

    Long-term care insurance will help to safeguard you and your business beyond the limits of Medicare and other medical coverage plans.

    Buy/Sell Funding

    Buy/Sell Funding enables the smooth transfer of ownership to shareholders or partners in the event of an owner’s untimely death, disability, or retirement — or even a falling-out between partners.

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